About the Cowgirls

Angela & Sarah met 11-11-2006

While on a crystal dig journey. Immediately, Angela & Sarah hit it off as friends and have been sharing in their inner work of self-discovery ever since.

Sarah moved to Mount Shasta where she fulfilled her dream of meeting her beloved husband and they open a shop in Mount Shasta Ca. They are the founders of Shasta Spiritual Journeys where they offered a divine service providing healing sessions and took individuals, groups on guided sacred site tours that transformed people’s lives from all over the world!

While Back in Tennessee, Angela launched her Spiritual Coaching  business called Redesign Your Love Life and symitaniously raised four children. In her work she supported her clients by teaching them how to apply the universal laws to their relationships. Angela’s work heals the heart after a divorce and systematically integrates positive belief systems. She has also supported many people with her gift in understanding intensive physical proticol for clearing toxicity and parasites.

Sarah was guided to move back to Tennessee to build a retreat center in the country where she grew up. Angela and Sarah are both from the countryside in the South. They decided to come together and share what they have both learned on their Path of Self Transformation (grounded in their Cowgirl roots)

Together, they step Into the highest of life’s expressions. Sarah and Angela have cleared ancestral family blockages, lower energies, and shadow belief systems by choosing to step into the Power of Now while aligning their choices to let go of what no longer serves them. They embody many powerful keys on how to anchor yourself and others into their true divine self through self love!

The Cowgirls have been traveling and also facilitating groups to the following Sacred sites….
Mount Shasta, England Cornwall, Glastonbury, Hawaii, Swizerland,
Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Gozo

Presently, Cowgirl Healers offers:

• Intuitive readings
• Relationship mentoring
• Crystal digs
• Spirit walks in nature
• Crystal & Sound healing sessions
• Sacred site Journeys Local &International
• Individual and group sweat lodge therapy.
• Clearing trauma and all limitations.
• Calling in your beloved
• Individual and couples intuitive coaching
• Sacred heart activations
• Tarot Reading
• Lenormand Readings
• Divine Union -Masculine/ Feminine energetic balancing
• Land & home purification clearings
• House Clearing for Realtors
• Elemental upgrades in nature
• Reverse aging techniques
• Sacred intimate workshops & light body activations
• Business team group intensive
• Reiki
• Spiritual Divorce Coaching
• Blueprint Shadow Coaching
• Heart Awakening Session
• QHHT ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ) Dolores Cannon
• Parasite Cleansing protocol
• Heavy metal cleansing protocol
• Ionic foot bath detox machine

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Sarah was born with her special gift of sight as an intuitive… She has been helping people transform their lives for 20 + years.

Sarah grew up in the countryside where she spent most of her childhood awakening to her gifts in the magical woods of Tennessee. She has always been conscious of her spirit and the spiritual nature that exist in this world . She has had many mystical experiences that have revealed to her the realms that are not always seen! She has a powerful knowing and also has a magnetic gift at finding magic gateway spots in nature that can help people supporting them in aligning – clearing their mental, physical and spiritual bodies to the planetary earth body…. She also digs special crystals and finds the perfect healing Crystal to gift her clients to help them in there own healing journey….Sarah has always been very passionate about her mission on the planet and that she wanted to meet her soulmate. After doing a lot of spiritual growth…. she set off to Mount Shasta Ca. Where she met her beloved husband Jacobo Gonzalez in a Native American ceremony in northern Ca. Sarah believes that when we become crystalline clear with our truest hearts desire we can then live our dreams into being….

Sarah and Jacobo
Are the founders of Shasta Spiritual Journeys where they facilitated individual, group journeys as gatekeepers of many sacred site portals Locally and internationally. Including : Machu Pichu , Lake Titicaca , Bolivia, Tiwanaku, Sacred Valley Peru, Greece Delphi , Crete,Temple Knossos, Santorini, Athens, Delos ,
Mayan Yucatan Pyramids

Sarah has been called to Sacred Sites and asked to activate healing centers in England and within the USA . She also wrote a Sacred Site Guidebook for Mount Shasta.

Sarah has facilitated journeys with her team of planetary light -players and way showers from around the world activating the Planetary light-body for Harmonic Creation and for all life….

Every journey is a journey of Self Reflection and an opportunity to see where we are in our patterns on our Path of Self Discovery!

Each of us is here as a gift to the greater whole as we step into our greater self expression!
Sarah has supported many on their path of awakening

Specializing in:

•Crystal & Sound healing
• Divine Union – Masculine / Feminine balancing
• Calling in your truest hearts desire
• Calling in the Beloved
• Clearing and aligning all energy bodies
• Intuitive healing sessions & Soul Readings
• Sacred site journeys & Crystal digs
• Personal & group – Earth portal opening
grid ley-line crystlline activations

Past group journeys include-

Journeys 11-11-11 & 12-12-12 Peru, Bolivia, Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca , island of the sun, Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu, Puma Punka
06-06-16 Greece Santorini, Crete, Athens, Delphi, Delos
08-08-18 European sacred site journey
England Glastonbury , Malta, Prague, Switzerland ,
Italy, Sardinia, Gozo, Mayan Yucatan Pyramids

Our next spiritual journey is
Scotland , Egypt, Africa 2020

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Angela lives in Nashville Tennessee. She is a native of Mississippi, where she earned a B.S. in biology from Mississippi College and certification as a Surgical Technician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Angela is a mother of four children. She is certified by Radiant Coaches Academy as a Holistic Life Coach ; The Debbie Ford Institute as an Integrative Spiritual Divorce and Blueprint Shadow Coach; and , The International Coaching Academy as a Certified Life Coach (C.P.C.). Angela has trained in many alternative modalities including colonic and parasite cleansing. She has learned to naturally detox harmful chemicals and heavy metals . Angela is a Reiki Master and she works with the 0 point energy in healing sessions . She is certified in Q.H.H.T ( Delores Cannon method of hypnosis). Angela is an intuitive healer and passionate Holistic Coach for wellness . Angela specializes in heart awakening and uses the Universal Laws that effects us in everyday life . She cares about the evolution of people and is dedicated to the spiritual growth for herself and others .

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