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With Angela or Sarah

The Cowgirls have been helping people through relationship and major life transitions for 20+ years as Clairvoyant Intuitives .With their intuitive knowing get full clarity into life’s important questions… Clearing your mind and activating your life solutions in the areas of personal wellness, relationships, business, past and future clearings moving you into the greater you!

Cowgirl Healers offers:

Intuitive Readings

• Card Readings- Lenormand System, Animal Medicine, Angel & Master Guides, Original deck
• Mayan readings
• Soul Readings
• Life Path Readings
• Relationship Readings

Spiritual Coaching

• Relationship Mentoring
• Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Technique (QHHT)
• Shadow work- Embracing & Releasing Core Wounds , Trauma, Limited Belief Systems
• Activating your Truest Hearts Desire
• Clearing Addiction- Relationship, Food, Substances, ect.

Holistic Healing

• Plant Baths & Bodywork
• Heavy Metal Cleansing Protocol
• Ionic Detoxing Footbaths
• Digestive Tract Healing
• Parasite Cleansing
• Reverse Aging Techniques
• Weight Loss & Wellness
• Reiki & Breathwork
• Crystal & Sound Healing Sessions
• Individual & Group Sweat lodge therapy- Native Indigenous lead
• Private Sacred Site Journeys- Local & International
• Spirit Walk & Elemental upgrades in nature
• Water Purifications & Crystal Releasing Ceremony
• Light Body Activations
• Rewiring the Energy patterns in the body
• Heart Awakening Sessions
• Blueprint Shadow Coaching
• EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique


• Individual & Couple Intuitive Coaching
• Sacred Heart Activations for Couples
• Intimacy Workshops
• Calling in your Divine Soulmate
• Relationship Mentoring
• Divine Union- Masculine/ Feminine Energetic Balancing
• Spiritual Divorce or Uncoupling
• Clearing Addiction- relationship

Other Services

• Crystal digs
• Sacred site Journeys Local &International
• Land & home purification clearings
• House Clearing for Realtors
• Business team group intensive

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